The FC ecosystem refers to the cryptocurrency enviroment that shares the general-purpose FABOT COIN.



FABOT COIN and Blockchain

Starting in 2015, FABOT Investment Services have grown to be used by hundreds of thousands of people in Korea. Three years of rapid growth was due to user-driven service. Users ideas are changing now. Users are a contributor to the creation of content and service by participating in a large part of the service. So FABOT has come to market with FABOT Coin to reward these users for their contributions. FABOT will grow together by sharing growth fruits with everyone contributing to the FABOT service.


The FABOT Coin economy consists of two things.

  1. 1.FABOT service and affiliate service can be used using FABOT single coin.
  2. 2.Compensation is made through FABOT Coin to users who contribute to FABOT service.

This will create a FABOT Coin economic ecosystem. Also, to grow the FABOT ecosystem, FABOT will expand its own service and expand to overse as service. We will also grow into a wider range of services, as well as inverstment through affiliate services.


Reward for contribution to FABOT ecosystem
Coin payment for FABOT and partnership services
Simple & convenient coin for everyone


Coin Economy Flow In addition to the current seven services provided by FABOT,
coin services will be launched in 2019, not only compatible with FABOT's own services but a series
of partnership services including commerce, games as well as cryptocurrency exchange
for payment and reward.

Using FABOT COIN FABOT COIN can be used to purchase a wide range goods and can get a variety of benefits
in the FABOT COIN ecosystem.

InvestmentPayment of coin service and acuisition according to coin service participation

The productService Payment, Discount Rewards for Service Assessment

GameAvailavle as a game money

ExchangeFee payment or Discount


We are going to issue FABOT Coins: 35% for sales, 25% for core, 25% for community and 15% for reserve.


  • 2018 4Q
    • Private Token Sales
  • 2019 1Q
    • IEO Listing
    • FABOT Coin connected to FABOT services
    • FABOT Coin connected to partnershipt services
  • 2019 2Q
    • FABOT Sercive Coin Store Launch
    • FABOT X C Beta
  • 2019 3Q
    • FABOT X C Launch
  • 2019 4Q
    • FABOT X C Worldwide Launch
    • FC Chain Testnet